Thursday, August 12, 2010

comic book valhalla

i didn't really go into last nights dream too much,l but here it is, in the dream there was this unspecified moment i had in the past in which I came to the cult compound and the leader in response blasted me in the face with bug spray.Thinking it was a test i said it didnt hurt and wasnt bothering me much so then he blasted me again this time hiting me full on in the face like Cher does to James Russo in "Extremities." then he handcuffed me. my whole face was fucked up and i was having a massive allergic reaction.

so I was back now and i could fly apparently. i kept flying around the compound of this Cult that had rejected me for whatever reason and i had taklen pff my shoes and i just kept on sailing around looking for approval from the cult leader, some big Tex Watson-like mountain man like dude. sort of an embarrassing extravaganza of daddy issues on display there. My shrink says we all go back toward pain to try to fix it, so that must be what i was doing. I had taken off my doc martins to creep around easier when i entered the compound and at the end of the dream i was wondering if I should go back and get them.

Then this night i dreamed i was literally being given everything i wanted and had entered some kind of comic book Vallhalla. where everyone was wanting to be in bands work on comics and write letters about comic book criticism and record discussions about comics for the radio. finally they offered to sell me a car for half price and everyone applauded me as I accepted the keys to take it for a drive. it was a ridiculously positive dream.

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